Conjuring up the magic of ice cream!


Close your eyes, clear your mind and let your creative juices run riot. Imagine your perfect combination of ice cream flavours. Will you choose mint chip, cookies and cream, blue bubble gum or Scottish tablet? Irn Bru, caramel, strawberry or peanut and chocolate?

Would they be topped with crunchy almonds, chilled chocolate chips or fabulous fresh fruits? Now the hard bit; will it be smothered in a dark and sexy chocolate sauce or caressed by a dreamy, creamy confection?

  1. Choose your favourite gelato flavours.
  2. Choose from our fabulous selection of inclusions.
  3. Mash it.
  4. Choose your sauce topping.

To make your fantasy burst into life. Head for Crolla’s Gelateria and ask about their Cold Stone Creations.